eCorpOne's global IT services

eCorpOne Co., Ltd. is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, and providing IT support and IT solutions that are required by companies located globally. Our bilingual professionals can help you realize your IT needs smoothly.

Our Phone number:

(Our phone system requires at least 10 seconds to start ringing. Please do not hang up quickly)

Normal business hours:

9:30am to 7:00pm (Japan Standard Time)
* 24/365 service a

IT maintenance service with SLA

  1. eCorpOne provides IT maintenance service for Windows/Linux based servers, networking systems, and telephone systems. The goal with this service is to make existing systems run and usable in healthy situation as it has been now.

  2. The priority of an Incident is determined by the impact on the business process.

  3. All Incidents shall be reported to eCorpOne during normal office hours (Monday – Friday 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.). eCorpOne shall determine the priority of an Incident together with the user reporting the Incident.

  4. For Incidents reported at eCorpOne's user service desk , the following priority and Resolution Times shall apply:

Hardware storage and urgent on site service

  • With or without hardware vender's support contract, we can store cold standby replacement hardware in our storage center in Tokyo and bring to customers site in case primary device causes hardware fault.

  • Customer can select either normal business hour support contract or 24/365 support.

  • In Kanto or Kansai areas, we can visit a site in 4 hours.

  • We can visit all Japan areas next day.

  • This service requires 1 year contract.

  • Customer can select either 1 of 2 support levels below.

    • Storage and replacement: Configuration of the hardware must be restored by the customer. eCorpOne will provide remote access to the hardware.

    • Storage and configuration restore: eCorpOne will restore configuration into replaced hardware.

Full managed active directory and file server cloud service

  • Full managed Windows server hosting service

  • Various features including VPN access, offline folder, snapshot, generation managed backups, cold standby hardware, 24/365 management.

  • Windows servers and Active Directory integration / Linux hosting

  • 24 hours / 365 days monitoring and quick recovery

  • Replacement hardware is prepared on site for quick recovery

  • Backup managed.

  • Low installation fee

  • 1 year contract with auto-renew.

Corporate level SLA managed Internet service

  • 24/365 full managed Internet services

  • Bandwidth assured & SLA service

  • On site installation and management

  • Support in English and in Japanese language

Corporate IT infrastructure design and management service

  • We design and implement various IT systems through consultation process with customers, especially with IT managers at global locations.We provide various IT systems, including Windows servers with Active Directory, site-to-site VPN, encrypted and authenticated Wireless LAN, redundant networking and server systems, application layer firewall, virtulization using VMWare Hyper-V, and kvm, many of which are usually implemented by global companies. We implement, train its employees, and share our monthly IT support so that services are maintained well.

  • Server management

    • Windows servers and user management

    • Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS) and Web server management

    • Remote management (Remote automatic analysis and remote login for desktop Windows support)

Majority of networking and server hardware supported.

  • HP Procurve switch, Proliant servers

  • Cisco Pix firewall,

  • Fortinet Fortigate firewall

  • Many other brands supported.


  • IP-Sec VPN implementation

  • Firewall implementation

  • Highly fault tolerant network system design

  • Supporting flexible design with BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, HSRP, Object Tracking, floating static route, Policy-based routing

  • Multicasting (PIM, IGMP Snooping)for efficient packet delivery

  • Primary and/or backup internet connection using e-mobile/softbank/docomo's wireless network in Japan

  • VLAN design

  • Voice / PBX integration support

  • Network monitoring implementation with e-mail alerting

Delivery time

  • Average response time in Tokyo is 2 hours.

  • Average resolution time after arrival to customer's office for PC support is 15 minutes.

Supporint various virtual systems

  • We provide support for VMWare, KVM, Hyper-V with IO optimization.

  • We can create and/or migrate virtualized systems.

  • We recommend implementing Synology NAS to realize low cost full backup environment of virtualized systems.

Creating and managing solar energy plants

We design, develop, and manage low voltage solar power plants. (Maximum power 50KW.) We have been managing 5 solar energy plants as of 2020.

Software development service

  • Hardware API and serial access - credit card system, cash payment system, barcode reader, magnetic card writer.

  • Reprintable magnetic PET card reader/writer software handling.

  • Customer centered flexible support

  • C#, C++. WPF,PHP, Ajax, Perl programming, Java, perl.

  • MySQL database access, replication, encryption.

  • Secure e-mail server system with privacy protection functions and information tracking software.

  • Involvement with large Japanese companies and handling of corporate policies.

  • Misys Equation core banking software implementation/migration

  • eCorpOne has engaged into one of the largest global banks in Japan for core banking software migration.

  • Various versions of Misys Equation and components related to the core systems can be migrated.

  • Normal migration time is between 9 months and 3 years.

  • Wired LAN based barcode reader

IP Security camera solutions

The IP cameras that we provide has the following features.

  • 2 selections for in-house IP cameras (4K resolution or 2K (Full HD) cameras.

  • Using most advanced video compression as of year 2016, H.265 compression, customers can enjoy quality videos over narrow band Internet and also long recording. (Resolution will be limited to DVD quality for recording due to practical recording time)

  • Allows you to view videos over the Internet using your PC or mobile devices.

  • Images delivered at 30 frames per second allows you to enjoy real time and smooth movie.

  • Motion detection based recording allows to minimize hdd recording capacity.

  • 1 NVR device (video recording device) can connect up to 30 cameras.

  • This is an example of our cameras. This is designed for outdoor monitoring with water proof and infrared auto lighting function.

  • LAN cabling is performed on the other side of the ceiling, so it protects beaulty of the landscape.

  • Electricity is provided over LAN cable, so it eliminates need for power cabling.

Cisco VoIP system consulting

  • We provide support for SIP based Cisco VoIP system consultation.

  • MPLS based closed network integration, integration with existing PBXes, and disaster recovery.

  • Optimized with QoS, precedence, dial-peer, FXS/FXO.