IT emergency on site instructions

Urgent IT services are available only to the clients with terms agreed previously.

SLA agreement is assured only with the clients with retainer contract.

  1. Ordering party (customer) sends email to designated e-mail address with the following information.

    1. Planned date and time to visit - Be sure to have enough time to get confirmation from all the related parties. If less than 24 hours until delivery required, write this information in email and also call us).

    2. Reserved number of hours on site - amount of hours to spend on site to be reserved. (Charged for reserved number of hours. No assurance if exceeding, which causes over time charges. Minimum is 2 hours. If not specified, we reserve only for 2 hours + 1 hour of grace period.)

    3. Contact information including a phone number with country code, email address, AND/OR skype, whatsup, LINE, of the following:

      1. End customer (at all the places to visit)

      2. Project management company (Ordering company)'s engineer
        (Always assistance required for entry/junior class engineers unless well written instruction documents provided).

    4. Communication language requirement (English and/or Japanese)

    5. Address to provide services - Make sure that the address is correct using Google Maps. Please give us "shortened URL" of Google maps. Often spelling of the location name is wrong. What floor? Any instructions to enter the room?

    6. Items to bring - For example, photo ID, PC, screw driver, smart phone for tethering, RS-232C cable, routers, hard drives, servers). eCorpOne can bring standard equipment only.

    7. Paper work preparation - if required to send any documents prior to the work. For example, scanned copy of photo ID, signature, NDA, Computer's serial#, etc.

    8. Detailed work description - Nature of target hardware to work on. Any sequence? Any confirmation required before/after performing the task?

    9. Engineer's skill level (Entry/Junior, senior, or specialist) and number of engineers needed. If not specified, entry level engineer is sent.

  2. If urgent, call eCorpOne to inform eCorpOne that requesting email has been sent. eCorpOne will start preparing resources to provide services immediately if urgent.

  3. eCorpOne checks availability of its engineers and resources and sends back email with the available engineer's contact information.

  4. Client side of reservation confirmation with the on site location. Make sure to confirm with the all the places/all the staffs to visit. Either eCorpOne or project management company performs this task.

  5. Actual contact share: eCorpOne and client exchange both side of engineers 1)Skype ID 2)Phone# to end customer to receive approval to enter building/data center if required. (must have reasonable amount of time). eCorpOne sends scanned photo ID to client if required.

  6. Ordering party informs eCorpOne to notify that the order is approved. Without approved confirmation, eCorpOne may not go on site. If end customer is not available when eCorpOne visits the customer's place, there will still be a charge of full amount of reserved time. At this stage, SLA time starts.

  7. Travel & accommodation: eCorpOne reserves travel tickets and accommodation if required.

  8. Visit: Engineer(s) goes to the customer's site.

  9. Arrival notification: When engineer reaches customer's site, informs ordering party(customer) for arrival. Also contacts end customer to enter building.

  10. Start the work: The work may need to be performed with assistance of ordering party(customer) especially if junior level engineer or if no instructions provided.

  11. Completion: eCorpOne confirms completion of the work with end customer and ordering party(customer) and leaves the location. Client must give approval to let eCorpOne team to leave.

  12. eCorpOne sends invoice for the work. Never include engineer's e-mail address here.